few invincibles of the same level, and then talk about replacing them!”

Su Yu yelled, shaking deaf.
The audience gradually became noisy.
On the stage, Liu He lowered his head and said nothing.
Su Yu sneered and said, “After all this talk, no one dares to take the stage? Don’t say anything until the end, want to deal with me Su Yu, just go straight! Fight a life-and-death battle, and I will do it for you too! ”
Looking at the war zone, Chen Yong changed color.
He got up, looked at Su Yu, frowned and said: “Su Yu!”
Su Yu looked down and smiled: “Uncle, it’s okay! These people are 西安洗浴网 not in my eyes! As long as they dare, they only dare It’s their ability to fight in the same rank and kill me with integrity! They can’t kill me, but I kill them. That’s a waste of them! I don’t have the ability to
find faults , this kind of person is dead!” Sun Ge’s old man also stood up. Get up, look at Su Yu, with a cold look in his eyes: “Su Yu, do you want to fight a life-and-death battle?” Su Yu
calmly said: “What’s the point?”
Old Sun Ge looked at the monotheistic students, many of them bowed their heads. , Dare not look at him.
Old Sun Ge’s face turned gloomy!
Su Yu smiled and said: “As long as you dare, then come! I originally left the customs to fight a few life and death battles, let you know, if you don’t have the ability, be honest, why bother to jump all the time!”
“Just right, Take advantage of this opportunity, come together!”
Su Yu shouted: “I’ll give you a chance! One-on-one, you probably dare not! Now 5 on 5, as long as 4 of them do not turn back, I assume that they will not participate in the war, I am a pair V. bet a life and death, dare to do? ”
Su 西安夜生活论坛 Yu sound become more expensive,” even if defection, my one pair of 9, still dare to fight! As long as they dare to sell, I would then kill! you dare? ”
Quartet are lonely .
After a while, someone in the audience snorted, “Rampant!”
Su Yu looked at the person and sneered: “You come on stage! Sign the life an