“The restructuring of the Daxia Mansion is simple!” The

fat old man looked disdainful, “It’s so easy, why wait until now? The tradition of Daxia Mansion for so many years, what can be obtained on the battlefield, will not be obtained through the second method!”
“It’s a bit 西安夜网论坛 silly, in fact, I think Xiaoxia is a bit idiot, IQ is a bit low, but he has a big fist. !” The
fat old man said with emotion: “He has a big fist, and it hurts you to hit him. He looks like a bird like his grandfather ! The old man is also like a bird, he doesn’t have enough IQ, and he has all muscles. You have a ball for reason!” The
fat old man shook his head and shook his head. , The old man’s face changed a bit, and he didn’t answer any questions.
To say that King Daxia is like a bird is just your unfilial son. Others don’t dare to talk nonsense.
“So if Ten Thousand Heavens Saints can’t change even them, what else is the Daxia Mansion? The Daxia Mansion is not just these few people, hundreds of millions of people, and they have all been destroyed by these birdmen. They are in trouble, cut and cut. “Do it, do it, kill, kill, 西安耍耍网 kill.” The
fat old man said contemptuously: “I know they only have muscles and no brains, but I can’t help but watch and get beaten when I am not convinced. When I was a child, I was beaten, so what else can I do? The unfilial son of Xia Longwu, even his uncle dared to fight, 西安足浴spa what can I do?”
” Sage Wantian wants to reform, then find a way to solve it by himself, Lao Zhao is also brainless, with muscles, I am too lazy to reason with him. Let
Wantiansheng solve the trouble by himself!” The fat old man said, got up, shaking as he walked, “Also, starting from today, the next military order, Daxia Mansion will go out, the military expenditure will be 37%, and the Daxia Mansion will be 70%. They solve 30% by themselves, use the spoils to deduct them, and cannot sell the spoils privately! The Xia’s firm will buy them together and deal with them at a discount.”
“Master Hou!”
The old man whispe