opportunity needs it. You grasp it yourself!”

A loose repairer said in a deep voice , “The forbidden area is for the same level of cultivators to play? Otherwise, the Lord of the forbidden area will play, then we can simply give in. We don’t want this place. Anyway, it’s all dead!
” Of course it is the same level!”
Wen Yu laughed and said, “Whether you want to compete or not, you decide for yourself! If you don’t want to, leave now, and the quota will be taken back. You can live in the door with peace of mind!”
Go on?
How do you live?
When the three gates are united, there will inevitably leave a large number of strong people here. During this process, a large number of locusts appear, and there is no way to stop the gate, and it is dead!
After going out, there is still a chance!
They have no choice at all!
And at this 西安品茶网 moment, Su Yu suddenly interjected and smiled and said: “The forbidden area breaks Sanxiu, but he has no scruples! Sanxiu fights back, but he is cautious! I dare not kill, and I am afraid of being retaliated if I kill! Some people, if they are in a hurry, kill the people in the forbidden area, it’s okay. Let me take refuge in Myriad Tribulation Mountain! I’ll protect you!”
At this moment, the Necromancer also said indifferently: “Cultivating Necromancer Avenue , You can also throw into my necrotic hell!” As
soon as these words came out, some casual repairers’ expressions changed slightly.
Some heartbeat!
Yes, the people in the forbidden area have no scruples, but we have a lot of scruples. They dare not kill, and kill for fear of retaliation!
As for Wanjie Mountain, even though it was just established, all that can be collected are casual repairs, but there are not too many taboos.
But casual repair also knows that it is dangerous!
Sure enough, someone sneered, “Will the Mountain of Myriad Tribulations exist, let’s talk about it if we can live out of the Heavenly Gate!” The
casual practitioners 西安耍耍网 suddenly felt cold, too, the Mountain of Myriad Tribulati