the sound transmission said: “This is the power to cast the heavens, the sun and the moon nine layers, I gave up, brother, this can’t blame me!”

It’s still Riyue Jiuzhong, I gave up!
I can’t afford to play with you.
The next moment, Zhang He stopped, and Su Yu, with a look of despair and helplessness, what should I do?
The two great abilities of Sunyue Jiuzhong came to catch him, let me run a shit!
They stopped and blinked, Cheng Mo and the man with the axe arrived, Cheng Mo smiled triumphantly, and then slapped Zhang He away. Zhang He didn’t wait for him to slap, and smashed. Void, flew upside down for several kilometers, 西安足浴spa and fled in an instant!
“Brother Cui, I’ll go to Datang Mansion to see you when I have time!”
Abandoning these words, Zhang He ran away, very fast, faster than just taking Su Yu away, why not run?
Waiting here to be beaten?
He has a triple sun and a moon, and he is powerful in other places. It is really not here. He will be beaten. It is too shameful.
At this time, people around the world appeared, looking at the besieged Su Yu as if watching a monkey show.
And Su Yu, cursing secretly in his heart, I won’t be discerned, am I?
The “yin” and “change” divine writings have been exerted to the extreme, and the old tortoise’s restraining technique has also been operated to the extreme, including some other hidden methods, Su Yu exerted his full strength.
Sunyue Jiuzhong is not as good as invincible, but it is also the top group of people in the human realm. It is not impossible to be seen.
Fortunately, no one used willpower to explore him at this moment, it was a bad performance.
And Cheng Mo is here, 西安洗浴网 investigating Cui Lang, who knows what Cheng Mo will do.
“Keep running!”
Cheng Mo smiled, holding his arms, the old man’s beard flying, and smiled: “Go on! I see where you go!”
Su Yu looked embarrassed, “Cheng, misunderstanding, I didn’t run, I I really want to see Xiaoyou on the battlefield of the heavens.”
Cheng Mo laughed, stepped