ly very important.”

As Fuya’s full-time guard, Qianmian 西安耍耍网 has already figured out Fuya’s character, such as Fuya who is extremely autistic. Status…I have already told Qianmen, she didn’t want to answer this question.
But if you don’t want to answer, it means that you know that Qianmen is certain, and Fuya still doesn’t want to care about Qianmen.
Although she 西安夜桑拿论坛 has closed the live broadcast horizon, she is ready to go to sleep.
Qianmen, who had been waiting for two full days, had no choice but to give in at this moment, and sent a text message to Qiao Xiu for help.
“Wait a moment.” After
Qiao Xiu replied to Fuya’s news, Qianmian saw the light shining in the gap in Fuya’s quilt.
This shows that she opened the magic net again.
Qiao Xiu’s voice came from the quilt. Now Qiao Xiu seems to be in a voice communication with Fu Ya? Wrong… video communication?
Finally Fuya poked her head out of the quilt again, Qianmian went around behind Fuya and saw that the screen on her magic net interface was Qiao Xiu.
“Can you see Fu Ya?”
Qiao Xiu waved to the camera. When Fu Ya was about to close the video communication, Qiao Xiu turned the camera screen.
“I’m currently filming on v’s set. V’s script 西安足浴spa was shown to you yesterday. I don’t know if you are interested or not.”
Qiao Xiu pointed the camera at Carole, who had done the heroine’s makeup.
“Does it look like you are not interested? Then I will turn off the video communication first?” Qiao Xiu asked tentatively, looking at Fuya’s pale cheeks.
Fuya pressed her lips tightly when she heard Qiao Xiu’s words, and then gently shook her head with an invisible amplitude.
Interested! Qianmian breathed a sigh of relief, and she really persuaded Fuya that the best tool is not snacks but games and movies.
v The script of this movie hasn’t had time to read, but she took the time to watch the discussion in the film council.
The result of the discussion was blow up. Qianmian didn’t understand what the word blow up meant. It was probably related to