d by a succubus.

” And I don’t 西安品茶网 think there is anything wrong with this deception. Right.”
Qiao Xiu stood on the edge of the forest and looked at the wooden house where Marina lived. Inside, we could hear Marina talking with Ino.
Judging from the performance of which business woman just now, she has indeed regarded Yinuo as her relative, and enjoys this kind of time talking with her relatives.
And Eno seems to have gone too far into the play.
Qiao Xiu didn’t want Eno to have any real feelings for the business woman. The family love exchanged by deception was as beautiful but deadly as a poppy.
When the filming is over, the character Belle no longer exists.
Why can’t it exist?
If the business woman can accept Yinuo’s true identity, Qiao Xiu wouldn’t mind letting Yinuo live with her.
“Maybe we can develop a business of summoning demons in the future.”
Qiao Xiu doesn’t think there is any evil in the rumored ritual 西安桑拿按摩网 of summoning demons. Everyone asks for each other according to the conditions written in the contract, using modern methods. Business partners.
It is rumored that the cost of the summoning ceremony is that life is too horrible.
But in reality, human lives really have no effect on demons. They can neither eat nor use to improve their own strength, so if you replace it with something more practical, such as money, you can accept it a lot.
Hilli doesn’t know how many times he has heard inexplicable words popping out of Qiao Xiu’s mouth.
“The Devil Gang, the Devil’s Intermediary Office, the Devil’s House of Everything, etc., may also drive the economy of the Demon World and the human world. The propaganda slogan uses a summoning formation to help you solve all your problems. Well, it’s just one of my thoughts.”
This is just an idea of ??Qiao Xiu, and this idea is based on the premise that humans can trust the devil.
To accomplish this goal, Qiao Xiu will take a long time, but now the first step is to shoot the movie.
At present, the story in the v