ime to think and react.

“After realizing that the whole world is going wrong, the dragons began to formulate countermeasures and benefited from it. At that time, the dragon clan’s higher level of civilization and awareness of the world, scholars successfully found the root of the problem, and even summarized some laws related to gods by analyzing clues in a series of changes in the world—for example, They realized that it was mortal 西安足浴spa thoughts that affected the judgment of the gods.
“So, the Tarronde Senate at the time made a decision, a’self-help decision’
that I don’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate.” Gawain felt that his mood was constantly fluctuating with the Dragon God’s narration. After a pause, he couldn’t help asking: “What decision?”
“Block Talrond, stop paying attention to world affairs, and then-re-purify and stabilize the dragon’s’orthodox belief system’.”
Hearing the words mentioned by the other party, Gawain suddenly had some bad premonitions in his heart.
The Dragon God continued to tell: “At that time, no dragon was aware of the chain relationship between gods and mortals, and no one thought that gods would stand on the opposite side of civilization in a certain sense-even if the whole world The situation is deteriorating due to the 西安夜桑拿网 bloodthirsty of the gods. The first thing the dragons think of is to’repair’ their belief system, rather than abandon the traditions and beliefs that they have adhered to for thousands of years, so they have formulated a large and orderly The core of the strengthening belief plan is to allow members of the ethnic group to re-believe in the traditional gods in the’correct’ way, so that the gods’return to their proper positions’.
“A large number of temples have been repaired or refurbished, and ancient books have been revised and supplemented again. The members of the tribe regained those old precepts that were declining at the time. Tarrond closed all external channels, as if the entire world outside had disappeared, and the dragon tribe