here’s something inside, but it’s not easy to find out. I got her testimony, especially the video material is very crucial, confirming what happened at the scene. everything. ” “

we urgently to the prosecutor’s office to file your return, after analysis, found your behavior is the victim bailout, beating harm behavior is self-defense, and even your behavior, should be considered courageous. ”
” The new justified defense explanation just came down a few days ago. For example, you can implement defense against illegal intrusion into other people’s houses.”
” You can implement defense against the behavior of pulling the bus steering wheel and beating the driver.”
“Try to avoid conflicts and continue 西安耍耍论坛 to infringe.” Fighting back is considered defense.”
“In particular, when a suspect commits illegal infringements, such as murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping, abduction and trafficking cases that infringe on women and children, counterattack is considered to be a legitimate act, and special defenses can even be implemented. Those who cause unlawful infringements are not excessive defense and are not criminally liable.”
“There are many more, I won’t tell you. Now there is evidence that you are trying to prevent the unlawful infringement from happening, and it was the other party who took action. Before, your reaction is justified, you don’t need to pay any legal responsibility, and you should even be rewarded.”
“By the way, the two guys you beat have been arrested and are suspected of molesting women.”
Jiang Hao looked at the document 西安品茶网 and was excited. , I finally got rid of the injustice.
He did not cry when he was caught.
He did not cry in the detention center.
But at this moment, he has the urge to cry.
“Then I can go out now?” Jiang Hao asked.
“Of course, there are a few formalities here. You can go out after you sign and take back your own things. It’s a bit biased here. I’ll take you back to the city.” The old policeman said.
Jiang Hao took the pen and signed it quickly.