ite the doubts on her lips, looking at Amber’s eloquent appearance, this guy actually seems to know a druid, and she also introduced it to a salesman: “I’m telling you, I know that The guy is not only a druid, but also a scholar-type druid. He knows everything. His druid faction is rooted in the heart of the forest. He is particularly good at dealing with plants and animals. , Absolutely reliable.”

Gao Wen finally believed this guy’s statement, but he didn’t ask in detail how Amber and the mysterious druid met, and the origin of each other’s name, etc. It is obviously not polite to ask these details now. After listening to the sales pitch of amber, he only asked two questions: “You can now reach for it and if they can reach, how long can he bring you??西安夜网论坛 ” “Contact
to say, although people say Druids are very simple and difficult to find, but I know that guy’s range of activities is very fixed, just in the southern region. As for how long will it take to bring it.”
Humber said while constantly winking at Gao Wen: “When I went to find him, I could walk the shadows all the way, but when I came back, I would have to go on the road honestly. How fast we can go depends on the means of transportation. Transportation, do you know how to chant?”
Gao Wen immediately understood what the other party meant. With a big hand, he flicked out a few copper plates to plug her hand: ”
Go buy a pair of new shoes.” Amber stared: “Don’t take you like this! And what do you say, you have to give me some money to use as a deposit for 西安夜桑拿论坛others? Even if you are introduced by an acquaintance, you have to pay for 西安桑拿夜网 the employment fee, okay!”
“You didn’t have to say that earlier?” Gawain just made a joke with Amber , After all, it’s interesting to see the girl jumping up and down, but after the joke, he still has to take it seriously. He took out some thin gold and silver strips pressed into a uniform size from another pocket. “Take it, take this thing.” It’s all yours to
figure out how much is left.” Amber suddenly s