g Wei Yu added directly to the top “!

Yu Huang Wei, Su Yu?
Gui’s heart moved slightly, his eyes flickered, and he smiled: “Ye Huangwei recruited?”
Gui’s eyes flickered again: “It’s dangerous now. I heard that Yu Huang-sama recently encountered a powerful enemy.”
“That’s right!” What!” The
old man didn’t care, laughed and said, “Yu Huang can conquer everything!”
Gui was speechless. These people were all brainwashed by Su Yu!
They are the second-class pinnacle, Su Yu is fourth-class, and still defeats everything. Without me, he would have been beaten to death long ago!
However, it 西安夜桑拿论坛 is rare to meet such a enthusiastic person at this moment, and Gui is also excited. You can chat with this person. As for Su Yu, even if he tells himself something, it may not be true.
Soon, the two talked happily!
Su Yu didn’t bother to care about what Gui was doing and thinking.
Nonsense, 西安足浴spa it’s such a big place, and all Gui meets the blue sky, what can the blue sky say to Gui?
Su Yu didn’t care about this.
At this moment, he found that today is simply his lucky day!
A lot of power of rules!
Moreover, it feels a little different from Ten Thousand Realms.
Not only so vaguely, Su Yu even discovered that there seemed to be a complete first-class avenue. Su Yu’s eyes changed instantly, and King Wen killed him over there. This is not unusual. The key is that King Wen was completely stripped away. The power of the other side’s avenue!
Su Yu’s face changed suddenly!
This requires extremely strong strength, and for myself, it is simply great!
He is familiar with this great power!
“The Way of Longevity!”
Su Yu felt comprehend and murmured, he didn’t feel wrong, or that the Way of Life is fine too!
Su Yu inhales! 西安耍耍网
Who will King Wen fight with?
Killing a strong man who is in charge of the Dao of Life, and completely stripping away the Dao of the other side, is this going to leave it to himself and improve his power of the Dao of Life?
There is also the Great Way of Life in the Worl

ready changed the blood on his body. Although he was also cursed at this time, he could barely hold on. “This is the family? I want to escape from the home I built by myself?” Seven faces appeared on the dean’s blood coat, which seemed to be his seven children. These seven faces kept screaming, and they cursed the dean all the time. No one knows why the dean became what he is now. Even Xiao Sun just heard some rumors. For some reason, the dean personally killed all his family members. Those half-human and half-ghost non-smiling in the hospital are mostly made by the dean using family blood. His real family was in his body and became the source of the curse. “The forgotten memories are deposited in the depths of the nightmare, forming an endless black mist. People always think that the pain can be forgotten, but the pain is always hidden in their hearts.” The dean in bloody clothes gently stroked the faces of his family members. Listening to their most vicious curse, his eyes slowly fixed on Chen Ge: “I have the same origin as Hei Mist, just the opposite of you. I hate everything good, and today I will reawaken those forgotten pains.”

Chapter 1200 I will let all eyes that are used to darkness see light
As the crowd rebelled, the blood-clothed Dean’s breath continued to increase. The faces of his family members began to twist and deform, and countless black thin lines were spit out from his family’s mouths, and all the stumps and corpses that touched the thin lines all stood up. “All the people who died in heaven are my family. Their 西安足浴spa souls cannot leave. This is 西安夜桑拿网 their only home.” The screams of 西安夜生活论坛 countless dead souls were mixed with the piercing laughter of the Dean in Blood, and the faces of the people changed from A sea of ??blood appeared in the corpse mountain, their eyes were weeping, but their faces all carried weird smiles! The bottom of this hospital is like a large tomb, where countless people have been buried. The power of the curse began to skyrocket, and thick black fog seeped from the b

they are here, they have no regrets or regrets. “Are you ready,” Ren Xiaosu asked. “Ready!” In an instant, the soldiers of the first group turned around and silently watched the golden torrent collide with the enemy, and the golden and ocher formed a clear boundary for fighting. They felt the strangeness in their hearts, as if some of the most primitive blood was suddenly awakened. That was the battle they most desired. They lived and died together. They only needed to follow in the footsteps of the person in front, even if they were willing to go. The flame in my heart started to burn, blood The liquid was boiling hot, and everyone seemed to have suddenly returned to the afternoon when they were sworn into the army. Standing under the banner of the Northwest Army, everyone clenched their right fists, and then, with the simplest dream, was trained by the recruit company to die alive. However, many of those who took the oath with them are gone. Yes, my comrades are gone, so what else can I lose? Everyone looked at each other, and Da Huyou suddenly laughed: “What are you waiting for, let’s go back together. The Northwest Army does not seek to be born in the same year, the same month and the same day, but to die in the same year, the same month and the same day.” After that, Da Huyou actually ignored the military order. , Directly turned back to follow the golden torrent and ran wildly. Zhang Xiaoman looked at Da Huyou’s back, and suddenly felt that Da Huyou was a few years younger. “Brothers of the Sixth Field Division, follow me, the marshals didn’t retreat, let’s retreat a ghost!” Someone took the lead, and someone joined. 5092 watched all this silently, and suddenly pulled out his gun. Wang Yun was surprised: “Should you not calmly persuade everyone to continue to evacuate at this time?” 5092 pointed at Ren Xiaosu’s back and asked: “How can you calm me down? I can’t calm down!” Wang Yun burst into laughter. “I am so special!” The soldiers of the first group returned to the battlefield one by one, fo

the sound transmission said: “This is the power to cast the heavens, the sun and the moon nine layers, I gave up, brother, this can’t blame me!”

It’s still Riyue Jiuzhong, I gave up!
I can’t afford to play with you.
The next moment, Zhang He stopped, and Su Yu, with a look of despair and helplessness, what should I do?
The two great abilities of Sunyue Jiuzhong came to catch him, let me run a shit!
They stopped and blinked, Cheng Mo and the man with the axe arrived, Cheng Mo smiled triumphantly, and then slapped Zhang He away. Zhang He didn’t wait for him to slap, and smashed. Void, flew upside down for several kilometers, 西安足浴spa and fled in an instant!
“Brother Cui, I’ll go to Datang Mansion to see you when I have time!”
Abandoning these words, Zhang He ran away, very fast, faster than just taking Su Yu away, why not run?
Waiting here to be beaten?
He has a triple sun and a moon, and he is powerful in other places. It is really not here. He will be beaten. It is too shameful.
At this time, people around the world appeared, looking at the besieged Su Yu as if watching a monkey show.
And Su Yu, cursing secretly in his heart, I won’t be discerned, am I?
The “yin” and “change” divine writings have been exerted to the extreme, and the old tortoise’s restraining technique has also been operated to the extreme, including some other hidden methods, Su Yu exerted his full strength.
Sunyue Jiuzhong is not as good as invincible, but it is also the top group of people in the human realm. It is not impossible to be seen.
Fortunately, no one used willpower to explore him at this moment, it was a bad performance.
And Cheng Mo is here, 西安洗浴网 investigating Cui Lang, who knows what Cheng Mo will do.
“Keep running!”
Cheng Mo smiled, holding his arms, the old man’s beard flying, and smiled: “Go on! I see where you go!”
Su Yu looked embarrassed, “Cheng, misunderstanding, I didn’t run, I I really want to see Xiaoyou on the battlefield of the heavens.”
Cheng Mo laughed, stepped

Messiah , do you know the uniqueness of your talent?” During the time of Herolia’s answer to Messiah, the third team had already appeared on the field.

It was a group of knights whose armor was stained with jet black, and they walked toward the center of the arena holding the flag of the country of steel high.
The appearance of the cast iron completely detonated the audience. The audience in the country of steel no longer cheered politely, but collectively shouted some ancient 西安夜网论坛 slogan.
“The aura is completely different.”
Messiah stared at the iron casters below. She could feel that some of the iron casters were not only excellent players of the Holy Spirit, but also an excellent warrior.
Messiah was very surprised by two of the iron casters. A scarlet glow of faith also appeared on his body.
“All the casters on the forum agree that they are the strongest team, and most of the spectators sitting in the audience are from the country of steel.”
Hellonia looked at the excited spectators on the field, they were big Most do not have any beliefs, or they have only one belief, and that is their country.
This sense of honor is an excellent opportunity for Heroria.
“If I can become a member of the Iron Caster now”, Herolia whispered quietly.
“Master Liya”
“This can help me collect faith very effectively.” Hellonia said, “If it weren’t for my ladder score that was not approved by the queen.”
“You really went to apply .” Messiah
heard this sentence She was slightly surprised, but before 西安洗浴网 she had time to ask, she noticed that the player from the Seabreaker team who had become her believer because of a smile on Herolia’s face, the pale golden light emitted from her body had disappeared. Instead, the power of faith is scarlet.
It’s red again
. The Brass Dragon announced the last team debut when the Messier wondered what happened.
730 The God of Quilts “Your Majesty Sheyel, I apologize for the destruction of your army.”
Queen Ekana sat in the highest position of the Crosier a

the note and read it softly.

“Flowers send a glamorous willow on the waist, and the goddess peeks at Fengyue Grottoes. Lang holds the spring organ and plays softly, and the sister welcomes the autumn rain for nine nights.”
A very frivolous poem.
It can 西安足浴spa also be regarded as a love poem, which roughly means that a young girl moves her heart, and is in harmony with a man, one playing the piano and the other dancing and flying to the sky.
The other students snickered, and the student who took the note lowered his head in shame.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, 西安洗浴网 did not scold him, patted the student lightly on the shoulder, and said: “It stands to reason that you are already fourteen or five years old. When you are young, I can understand these thoughts.”
“But, The county exam only has less than a month. Do you think there is still time to see these? If you can pass the exam, it will not be too late to see these.”
The student was even lowered by Jiang Hao.
“Teacher, I was wrong.”
Jiang Hao smiled.
“And let me tell you, this poem of yours is very finished. It is full of charm and delicacy in its frivolousness. It is not elegant. If you want to write love poems, you must be knowledgeable. What is said in the Analects, Zi said: “” “Guanju”, happy but not lewd, sad but not hurt”.”
The student who was taken the note by Jiang Hao was very courageous. He raised his head to see if Jiang 西安桑拿按摩网 Hao looked angry, and asked cautiously.
“Teacher Xu, how do you think love poems should be written?” The
other students all looked at Jiang Hao enthusiastically.
Youth, liveliness, desire for the opposite sex, yearning for love, this is nature.
Jiang Hao thought for a while, and said, “I made a new poem recently, so I’ll tell you the first half.”
“There is another story here . I went to the riverside that day and saw a hunter hit a wild goose. Her lover kept screaming in the sky, and finally saw that the wild goose died. The one in the sky did not fly away, but fell down and fell to death.”
All the st


can only last for a while, although I thought it was useless, it seems that it should be done by one hand.” The
gatekeeper hummed, “Interesting,” But I just can’t teleport into it, I can walk over, or use magical techniques to knock this hot man flying from a distance.”
Chen Liao shrugged, holding an alloy long sword in each hand and holding it flat, like a ten ‘The word lies across the ice at the gate of truth.
“Just right.” Chen Liao found that his sword length could reach the edge of the ice layer: “This is the distance I am best at.”
“Gatekeeper, I am a guardian just like you.” 西安洗浴网 Chen Liao said, “Gatekeeper. , Since you know so many secrets, then you should also know the two thousand five hundred miles of mountains and rivers in our Great Wall, right?”
“Of course.”
“Do you know who I am?”
“You are Chen Liao, The new measuring ruler of the Great Wall of China is responsible for Yu Jian’s secretary, nanny, and” the gatekeeper said lightly: “Guardian.”
Everyone looked at Chen Liao and You Jian in shock. They had always pierced the world, and even dared to break through the fairy palace. There was a guardian in the Taoist You Jian? Isn’t he guarding others?
Chen Liao smiled and said: “You know a lot, thanks to the wrong love of the leadership, I am actually
stronger than the gentleman who is not upright, and my husband guards me more often.” “My spells are not good, and my cultivation base is not strong. As the 西安品茶网 guardian of my husband, I It’s really a misnomer.”
“The only advantage that can be brought out is that”
Chen Liaowu laughed out a dizzying chaotic sword flower:
“No one has ever crossed my sword fence, nor can you, sir, how about you?”
:. :
Chapter 765 Use your spells to pretend to be your force
On the 14th floor of the Storm Orb, the gatekeeper quickly strengthened to 87% of the original base, and the first attack on each enemy must trigger a combo.
On the 16th floor of the earth bead, the body strength and aura defense power of the gatekeeper have