in a group, he can only silently drop the road by himself. After all, there is no two-piece set of electric blade and endless equipment. ADC is basically in the group. Can’t play a big enough role in the war.

For the British ADC, who cannot take care of his life, the two-piece set of electric blade and endless is nowhere in sight.
“The ruling ability of Yu Luosheng’s bottom lane is indeed too defying. Hephaestus has nothing to do with him. It is not a level of strength at all.” On the VIP seat of the British stage, one was dyed with short blue hair. The man said with a smile.
“Hephaestus is okay, their ADC is really bad.” Han Zongzhi said disdainfully.
Not long ago, South Korea and the United Kingdom finished the game. Their team did not leave the United Kingdom because it will be South Korea facing China in London next week.
Han Zongzhi has been waiting for this game for a long time, and he has to take revenge for winning the championship if he says anything! !
In the S League, Han Zongzhi lost all his face and was almost ineligible to participate in the Olympics due to e-sports ethics. Fortunately, Cui Woo’s approach to the sky allowed him to sit firmly on the top ADC position of the South Korean national team.
During this period of time, he has been playing games with other countries, and Han Zongzhi felt boring, because no other country would be their opponent to the Korean Hell Army.
The more boring, Han Zongzhi looks forward to the day he fights with China. He has to recover everything he has lost from that guy Yu Luosheng, and let everyone know that it is just luck that he can win the world championship. That’s it! !
“An Luoxuan, I think you and I want to fix that guy fiercely, next week he will have to kneel in front of us begging for mercy!” Han Zhuangzhi said viciously.
“I can’t talk about repairing, but I really want to fight him again.” An Luoxuan said calmly.
“What do you do if you say so nicely, in short, the two of us must easily blow them up. Didn’t you see their inability t

ce Su Yu’s army is annihilated, the Human Sovereign side may also be finished.

The future of more than 80 rulers was handed over to him. Tongtian Tongtian Hou was 西安夜网论坛 about to collapse, a little trembling.
Su Yu said solemnly: “As a family, the three sects of heaven, earth and man have sealed an era! And you, now facing the fate of 200 rulers, if you can’t even bear this little pressure, you think Beyond the three gates?”
Tongtian was almost crying: “Your Majesty, I can’t see the overall situation! I may not be able to judge the situation. Also, is destiny and fate reliable? If they command blindly, I can’t bear this responsibility. Ah!” In
this battle, Su Yu actually pinned his hopes on him, and Tong Tian Hou was really about to collapse!
Su Yu said indifferently: “These people under my hands, I hope to have the ability to be unique! I have been a babysitter for everyone for a long time, do I have to come every time? The role of you people is to fight Soy sauce?”
Su Yu said in a low voice: 西安夜生活论坛 “You are a clan, are you so much worse than Sanmen?”
Tongtian inhaled, and then inhaled, and then said after a long while: “Your Majesty, if the ten thousand clan are aimed at me”
“You can deploy your troops to protect yourself! Destiny and Wuming 西安耍耍论坛 plus you, if you feel that it is not enough, I will appoint a strong man to protect you, even the Emperor Wu!”
Su Yu said solemnly, “You are this. The key to the battle, therefore, even if Emperor Wu comes to protect you, it is okay! In this way, even if the ruler of the first class wants to kill you, it will take time, enough for you to mobilize your strength! ”
Tongtian Hou is really going to cry!
very scary!
do not do that!
The second-class Wu Huang, Su Yu must be sent to protect himself, all of a sudden, Tongtianhou was about to blew up under great pressure!
The next moment, Su Yu smiled and said: “If it doesn’t work, I will protect you
myself , how about?” “Forget it!”
Tongtianhou laughed, forget it, my God, if you watch by my side, I feel

t also fights for a bit of face, but I can’t say again, the East is all in the human race, and other people can’t refute the domineering words. .

Lack of confidence!
The one who spoke before in the Temple of War God said, but was beaten in the face, which also made Su Yu helpless and embarrassed!
By Su Yu’s side, the other tribesmen didn’t care about this and started talking.
“This is round again! Hey, the little clan is too difficult. It seems that we can only fight for the remaining portals and special passages!”
“It has been delineated so early this year, so I don’t want to give it any hope!
” Doesn’t it happen every time? It’s okay. When the time comes, the various races will force the Human Race to give up some quotas. The Human Race can’t get 600, and it’s not bad to get three or four hundred!”
“Don’t forget, there are also Dragons. The ancients, the top 100 races are still difficult!”
All of them were discussing.
At this time, 西安夜桑拿论坛 Su Yu heard someone say: “I heard that if you take the ancient city order and take a special passage to enter, there is a great chance. I don’t know if there is an ancient city order for sale and what the price is.”
“Yes, the price is too expensive .” , The more this time comes, the harder it is to get an order!”
Gucheng Ling?
Su Yu’s eyes are strange, I have it!
Not only there are, but also many.
Of course, nothing is good. The best is to enter the 16th ring of the ancient city. It is not a good thing. Teacher Liu seems to have found a few better ones and ran away. He killed a lot of sun and moon dead and took some away. Better Gucheng Ling, this Su Yu didn’t ask.
Guchengling can actually enter the special passage?
Could it be that the function of the ancient city order is to allow people to pass through a special passage? 西安夜生活论坛
Su Yu doesn’t know anything about it, so I’ll know when I look back and ask. It’s normal to see that there are a lot of people who know. That’s it.
Some strong people may have been here for the last 10 years,

me, the textile dyeing technology of 178 Fortress still remained at the most basic dip dyeing and pad dyeing, and clothes that were worn for a long time would fade.

As Wang Shengyin said, the northwest is one of the most suitable places to grow cotton, but the technology is lacking here, all forces are developing the military industry, and there are efforts to make everyone eat their food.
How can I go to research some fancy things?
After Xu Xianchu left, Ren Xiaosu, Wang Shengzhi and others walked out of the small building and carefully looked at this legendary fortress.
Pedestrians on the street will look sideways when they see them, because they, except for Ren Xiaosu, seem to be incompatible with this place.
Wang Shengyin also put on a long skirt at this time, but the blue long skirt does not seem to be produced in this fortress at all. Wang Shengyin said that this blue is called Tiffany Blue, which is popular in the Central Plains and is the color worn by a female singer. .
Ren Xiaosuxin said that there will probably not be such star singers in Fort 178. He saw that the women in Fort 178 were carrying poles like men.
Ren Xiaosu 西安洗浴网 suddenly asked Wang Shengzhi: “What do you think Mr. Zhang will do with Zongshi?”
Wang Shengzhi looked up at him and smiled: “Do you want Fortress 178 to avenge you?”
“Yes,” Ren Xiaosu admitted frankly: “But if This is not the decision of Fort 178, and I will not let others be unlucky with me. I can do a lot of things myself.”
At this time, Ren Xiaosu was thinking, if Fort 178 is unwilling to send troops to the Zong clan and clear this trade road. Obstacles, then he sneaked into the Zong clan by himself.
What Li Shentan can do, he may not be unable to do it.
Wang Shengzhi smiled and said, “Look at the pedestrians on this street.”
“Huh?” Ren Xiaosu was taken aback for a moment.
“Everyone is actually carrying out their own food on a pole, where are they carrying it?” Wang Shengzhi asked.
“Carry it out for sale?” Ren Xiaosu 西安品茶网 said.
“The farmers

Hearing the girl’s voice behind, Zhao Huo’s first reaction was: Is their child a girl? Then why do they ask about female teachers? Shouldn’t it be asking the male teacher?

Then Zhao Huo’s second reaction was: Wait, this girl’s voice is a bit familiar!
Zhao Huo turned his head and saw a girl opening the glass door of the dormitory building through the beeper and taking the couple into the second dormitory building.
Zhao Huo’s eyesight is very good. Although it is dark now, he can still see from a distance. Is that girl Ren Xingmei?
Wait, you have a daughter named Ren Xingmei?
Your son is Ren Suo?
Then you don’t need to worry about his life-long events!
Your son has already been booked by the strongest and most beautiful female teacher in the college. Not surprisingly, even if your son goes to the poor and falls to the Huangquan, he 西安桑拿按摩网 will definitely not escape the palm of his future wife!
Wait, Dong Chengling seems to be cooking at Ren Suo’s house now?
Oops, something moved, and I don’t want to pick up the plane, I want to go to Ren Suo’s house to watch.
“Why don’t you come here!” Ren Xingmei complained in the elevator.
“Do you think we want to come? It’s not your brother who urges you, so your dad and I took the high-speed rail from Baiyun. It costs a few hundred yuan to pay.” Ren Ma crossed her hands and snorted, and then curiously asked: “Now , Did your brother find a girlfriend?”
“That’s right.” Ren’s mother sighed: “I thought your brother introduced his girlfriend to us through the winter solstice, so I urged us to come over now. It seems that there is such a good thing?”
Ding Dong, the elevator reached the fourth floor.
Ren Xingmei’s face changed. 西安夜桑拿网 After stepping out of the elevator, she asked, “Then what if Brother really finds a girlfriend? Mom, what do you think?”
“What can I think? Ugly daughter-in-law always has to see her in-laws. As long as the person your brother is looking for has a better temper, your mother and I don’t have any other requirements. Our f

on, and fourth-generation people. Someone said in a voice transmission: “I think all the big houses are very melancholy. It’s just a roster, and it’s registered. What’s wrong?”

A group of people saw I sighed to that young man, Zhu Qingyan, the young man of the Zhu family, a woman.
Forget it, what does this woman know.
Xia Huyou said in a voice transmission: “Every big mansion, who has no hidden power? My big summer mansion, did you know that there are so many sun and moon before? Most of them died in the last battle. There were more than 20 people in the sun and moon, 西安桑拿按摩网 including Liu. Wen Yan and the others are over 30, but how many people are there in each family? If you don’t say anything else, just say that your Daming Mansion 西安足浴spahas less than 30 people. I don’t believe in Xia!”
Zhu Qingyan was surprised, and the sound transmission said: “No, there are only 18 people registered in Sun and Moon!”
Xia Huyou shrugged, nonsense, your Daming Mansion doesn’t have more than 30 Sun and Moon, I will crawl!
Xia Huyou also sighed, just this trick is enough, there is no need to do too complicated, just this trick is enough for the big houses to drink a pot.
Should you explain or not?
After confessing, Su Yu has a clear understanding of the human situation, and without confession, the next time there will be a sun and moon, Su Yu will be cut in public!
what did you say?
What can you say?
Those who are not registered are supernumerary, non-human, even if they are human, they are spies, cultivated by all races!
He also has to inspect the human environment!
西安夜生活论坛 And over there, Su Yu smiled and said: “You don’t have to be so worried, just register. If it is Sunyue Jiuzhong, I may be in a good mood, and I will reward some bearers to help him prove! Strength, don’t conceal it! ! The sun and the moon are nine times heavy, and I have to say that the sun and the moon are heavy. This kind of person loses the opportunity, don’t blame me Su Yu for not being human!”
A group of people move again, does Su

opportunity needs it. You grasp it yourself!”

A loose repairer said in a deep voice , “The forbidden area is for the same level of cultivators to play? Otherwise, the Lord of the forbidden area will play, then we can simply give in. We don’t want this place. Anyway, it’s all dead!
” Of course it is the same level!”
Wen Yu laughed and said, “Whether you want to compete or not, you decide for yourself! If you don’t want to, leave now, and the quota will be taken back. You can live in the door with peace of mind!”
Go on?
How do you live?
When the three gates are united, there will inevitably leave a large number of strong people here. During this process, a large number of locusts appear, and there is no way to stop the gate, and it is dead!
After going out, there is still a chance!
They have no choice at all!
And at this 西安品茶网 moment, Su Yu suddenly interjected and smiled and said: “The forbidden area breaks Sanxiu, but he has no scruples! Sanxiu fights back, but he is cautious! I dare not kill, and I am afraid of being retaliated if I kill! Some people, if they are in a hurry, kill the people in the forbidden area, it’s okay. Let me take refuge in Myriad Tribulation Mountain! I’ll protect you!”
At this moment, the Necromancer also said indifferently: “Cultivating Necromancer Avenue , You can also throw into my necrotic hell!” As
soon as these words came out, some casual repairers’ expressions changed slightly.
Some heartbeat!
Yes, the people in the forbidden area have no scruples, but we have a lot of scruples. They dare not kill, and kill for fear of retaliation!
As for Wanjie Mountain, even though it was just established, all that can be collected are casual repairs, but there are not too many taboos.
But casual repair also knows that it is dangerous!
Sure enough, someone sneered, “Will the Mountain of Myriad Tribulations exist, let’s talk about it if we can live out of the Heavenly Gate!” The
casual practitioners 西安耍耍网 suddenly felt cold, too, the Mountain of Myriad Tribulati

epped on the door panel with his feet, and looked at the window next to the wooden door.

The rain is still increasing, and something is faintly moving outside, and the footsteps are chaotic, as if several people are clustered together.
“It’s here!” The
door of the next room was scratched by something, as if several hands were scratching on the rough wooden door at the same time. For more than a minute, Chen Ge suddenly heard a woman’s voice coming from the door of the old man.
“Help me, help me.” The
woman cried, judging from her voice, the other person should not be too old.
“It’s what the old man is afraid of?” Chen Ge’s brain is running fast, and the old man next door seems to have known that the other person will appear long ago, pretending to sleep in the room without responding.
The strange noise on the door panel lasted for ten minutes before it disappeared. The cluttered 西安耍耍网 footsteps outside sounded again, and this time it stopped at the door of Chen Ge’s room.
That kind of creepy scratching sounded outside Chen Ge’s door, and the other party seemed to have discovered something. With more and more force, the 西安桑拿夜网 wooden door shook.
Tucked into the quilt, Chen Ge was not only a little grateful, but moved the bed to the door by himself.
The wooden door couldn’t be opened. This was different from what the monster outside thought. It scratched frantically. After a few seconds, she heard the sound of crying outside the door.
“Help me, help me, help me!” The
door shook, and Chen Ge reached into his backpack and held the Skull Smasher. He had already prepared for the worst.
But the monster outside the door only yelled a few times before it stopped, and disappeared with the sound of the door beating.
“I didn’t hear the footsteps, she hasn’t left yet! This sly guy.”
Chen Ge was lying motionless in the quilt. He wanted to look at the outside along the window. When the line of sight was just swept to the window, he said slightly. Choking.
Outside 西安品茶网 the basketball-sized window, a wom

why have inventory! Su Yu, I heard that your combat power is not weak, and you can go to Daqin Mansion when you have time! Daqin Mansion is most famous for Daqin Military Mansion, which is regarded as a war school, not an ordinary war school. He is a strong military man. He has returned from the front line. He has a sturdy military exploit and entered the mansion for further study! A man in the stone realm, who has opened 36 holes, don’t think he is weak. He kills a few civilized teachers and kills little chickens!”

Zhu Tiandao rolls his eyes, you blow, keep on blowing!
So powerful, your Daqin Mansion has already ruled the heavens!
Su Yu also smiled, “Well, I will definitely go if I have a chance!”
Qin Zhen didn’t say much, got up, “Then I’ll go back now, and I will send you the stuff in half a month! With the method of co-aperture, it is actually very good, but my heart is a little bit bigger. , 108 Acupuncture method, when the exercise method is used, you can directly combine the mountain and the sea into one orifice. The effect you get now is very good for Wanshi, but it is not friendly to the mountain and the sea! Someday 西安足浴spa you can let the mountain and the sea merge into one orifice, then Just the body into the sun and the moon! This is the real contribution to the world!”
Today’s method of combining the 西安洗浴网 orifices, 36 orifices, is helpful for the integration of the mountain and the sea, but it is not too helpful.
For Wanshi, it is of course a great help!
But Qin Zhen didn’t think it was enough!
Be stronger!
It can directly bring the mountain and the sea into one, step into the sun and the moon in the blink of an eye, and become the power of the sun and the moon, that is the real cow!
Su Yu was also dumbfounded, and hurriedly said: “I did my best. I didn’t get to that point. I don’t have a deep feeling for this. When I get to that point, I can have a deeper feeling!”
“This is the truth. Strengthen myself earlier. ! ”
Qin town laughed:”!! Do not 西安耍耍论坛 toss little things big summer hou

mmon sense, even if the bones of beasts nowadays are stronger than steel.

But it is stronger than steel, after all, it is not as good as steel.
The market town can’t help but cold weapons, but it’s as 西安夜桑拿网 difficult to get a good iron tool. Nowadays, although some industries are slowly catching up to the level before the catastrophe, resources are limited.
When Ren Xiaosu came to the man like a shadow, his sprinting motion landed from his left foot. The muscles of his right leg, which was used to support the weight of his whole body, suddenly tightened, and the sole of his foot was firmly grasped on the ground. The power of his whole body is based on the ground, and it is quickly transmitted to his waist and abdomen like an electric current, and then his arms!
Ren Xiaosu’s knife, like a gully on the ground, cuts a crack in the night at an angle.
With a click, the bone knives and the iron tools collided with each other, and the people who had secretly watched saw that the two knives were broken into two pieces at the same time. Originally, the only thing they thought would be broken was the bone knives!
In an instant, Ren Xiaosu discarded the bone knives without any enthusiasm in the man’s stunned kung fu. This discarding action was done in one go, as if Ren Xiaosu knew that the 西安品茶网 bone knives would break, so he had other plans from the beginning.
He grabbed the man’s wrist and slammed the other fist into the armpit nerve of the opponent’s air defense like a cannon.
The man wanted to break free, but he suddenly realized that this young man was actually stronger than him!
How can it be? How old is the other party? The young man’s height only reached his neck!
But the guy saw that the muscles and muscles on Ren Xiaosu’s neck were like steel, that was strength.
The axillary nerve, which is about three inches between the forearm and the armpit, does not need to be too precise, because the fist is sufficient to cover the deviation.
This place is one of the weaknesses of the human body. W