Answer Do not agree to say otherwise.

In short, Yu Luosheng’s interpretation is so.
Other women, with some clear hints, can basically be said to be soaked, and they are girlfriends.
Qianmeng Xia Yuli’s 10,000 cards are not played according to the rules. Her permission to chase you means that you are allowed to sway before her full, and you are allowed to show some courtesy. In fact, the qualifications and quotas allowed for chasing are even harder for Nima than for a normal girl to find a boyfriend, because if Xia Yuli has a dislike for chasing her, he will linger for an extra day, and the military bodyguard next to Xia Yingxing will If you can screw this guy out with one hand, those who are acquainted should stop asking for trouble. If you don’t know, you can put a gun on your head and ask you if you are going to roll. Ordinary boys will just be scared of peeing.
Yu Luosheng had heard about this kind of thing a long time ago by his second sister Xia Ning, so the men in the entire national team felt that the dark and cold murderous spirit surrounding Qianmeng was actually true or not!
Therefore, Yu Luosheng feels that he should not be guilty of being cheap. When he was guilty of being cheap, he was afraid of himself, and accidentally annoyed her. When he turned around, he could directly say to you: I don’t think about you. So don’t talk about the swaying, just say a word and you can see the brother of the army who may not be able to fight for five or six weeks.
“Stop wordy, hurry up and follow, you have to go far.” Xia Yingxing pushed Yu Luosheng directly out of the door, then the umbrella in the basket was stuffed up in one breath and told Yu Luosheng, “Just Said that all the umbrellas here were lost by Daluo.”
“” Yu Luosheng was speechless for a while.
It could not be seen that in order for her younger sister to live a life like a normal girl in the future, this sister Xia Yingxing has already become black.
Indeed, when he was at the base, Daluo was an umbrella madman, took one out, but nev

t of view, it should be before she came here. Maybe she wanted to tell herself that she was here, but she happened to have her mobile phone in the room to charge.

“Yu Luosheng, don’t say you didn’t see it just now.” Lin Dong poked his head over and said.
“I saw it” Yu Luosheng gave a wry smile.
“You two, I really don’t understand you. First, you were looking for her all over the world, and finally you found her, but neither of them picked it up. Then she finally gathered up the courage to give up her job in the United States and left her family. I want to be with you when I return home, but you pretend that you don’t know anything.” Lin Dong shook his head.
Lin Dong will never forget that Yu Luosheng asked himself to use hacking techniques to keep track of an IP, and the owner of this IP is Yiqin.
And Yiqin also made her own determination and chose to return to China. Everyone knows what she chose for her.
“I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it so much now. Let me get something from Qianmeng.” Yu Luosheng said.
“It seems that you still prefer Qianmeng?”
“I take Yiqin’s things.” Yu Luosheng said angrily.
“Damn, you are too shameless.”
Yu Luosheng was too lazy to deal with Lin Dong. Qiqiao said before that the old posters sent from China had never been given to Yiqin. He went to Qianmeng’s room to get them that day. Who knew Qianmeng? What I said suddenly made myself confused.
When she walked to Qianmeng’s room, Qianmeng had the same sixth sense. Before Yu Luosheng could speak, she walked into the room and handed herself the poster carefully wrapped in special soft paper.
“I wanted to take it that day, and I always forgot to give it to her.” Yu Luosheng explained that Qianmeng was watching her, so she explained embarrassingly.
“Don’t you look at it?” Qianmeng realized that Yu Luosheng didn’t mean to open it, so she asked.
“Have you seen it?” Yu Luosheng glanced at the package, it seemed that this thing had not been opened.
“I haven’t seen it, but I know what it is.” Qianmeng sa

uddenly, the stinger threw the lantern behind!

At the moment behind the lantern, you can see Raven flying out of the blind spot of vision from behind!
Yu Luosheng and Lin Dong were planning to go up and fight with Han Zongzhi, who knew that Thresh suddenly called a brother over, and they were so scared that they hurried to hand in displacement skills!
The Frost Witch has displacement skills. Her magic crampons can slide along the ground for a distance of 800 or 900 yards, but it is a pity that she is not a skill that moves as quickly as Ezreal, she must When the crampons slide to the key position, they can move to the end of the crampons instantaneously.
And Mo has grasped this most important weakness. Before Yu Luocheng was about to use the magic crampons to move away, he made two very gorgeous consecutive jumps and forwards and flashes!
The sword is dancing in the hand, and using three consecutive Ravens with displacement effects is almost like charging on the surface. The coolest thing is the effect of going forward and flashing together. You can see the shocking disability. The shadow is in the space that Raven passes by, this is the limit speed!
In the short time when the crampons were sliding, Raven of Mori had completed this series of ultra-fast displacements, and Raven, who had stepped on his sword, appeared in front of Yu Luosheng!
Shock the sword and roar! ! ! !
The blade was raised high, and a sword halo accompanied by the ancient rune of the sword slammed around Raven’s body, and the power quickly passed to Yu Luocheng where the Frost Witch was, rushing over the Frost Witch’s body!
He was so numb that he couldn’t move, and he felt like he was in a coma.
Yu Luosheng pressed the keyboard and wanted to switch positions with the crampons, but it was a pity that Mo’s movements were too fast, and he stunned Yu Luocheng just before he could move!
0.75 seconds to dizzy time, this is estimated to be the time of a normal attack at most in the eyes of ordinary people, what use can it be, but

en included in the profession.

When he was playing with the Blood Sculpture SOLO, he showed a strong strength that was not lost to the Blood Sculpture, and when facing the white wind, his operation and style of play were quite confident!
Among the heroes that Bai Feng is good at, the male gun is one of them. Many ADCs of LPL teams use male guns in front of him, which is definitely an axe.
But have you seen this kind of male spear that is so mad as to be clicked by someone, and directly hit the person’s face with a set of skills?
In the face of Baifeng, several ADCs in China dare to do this!
With this courage, many people on the scene have already given thumbs up! !
“This guy played conservatively, as if he couldn’t find a chance to kill him.” Wu Sen said.
Yu Luosheng nodded, and Bai Feng was Bai Feng after all. With such a big disadvantage in the early stage, he didn’t even show any flaws when he walked backward.
Although Bai Feng suffered a lot from the matchups several times, he unknowingly started to chase him back!
“Uh, this guy, the compensation is more stable than you!” Wu Sen glanced at the number of compensation, and found that the number of compensation was as different as possible by 10.
“Well, he just used the waves that I fought with him just now, and invisibly asked me to push the line of soldiers to him, and then he controlled the line of soldiers a little outside the tower, where he was very safe to develop a patch.
” No way, he is such a chicken thief??” Wu Sen was stunned!
Lure and fight, use the male gun group effect to force the line forward.
You know, once the inferior side is controlled by the opponent’s line, it is very difficult to go up and replenish the troops.
Bai Feng used this very cleverly to push the pawn line back to his side, ensuring that his development would no longer be restricted.
I have to admit that it is really rare for Baifeng to maintain this wit under this situation.
Bringing the disadvantages back in subtle ways, this is an important skill

side of the three of them, who came to this thirty-third sector almost with them. Several other new visitors.

Rose tried her best to control herself not to see those new visitors. Although she was in a negative state, after being reminded by Tang Qi’s reaction, her keen perception finally felt something. It was an extremely scary one, which made her soul. The breath of trembling for it, and immediately wanting to turn around and escape.
In the depths of her heart, Tang Qi’s doubtful voice suddenly sounded.
“Rose, how many times has the library been hacked?”
ps: Everyday comes to an end, enter a new university, ask for a monthly pass, chrysanthemum is stared at.
Chapter 158 The Insect of the
Blank The reason Tang Qi asked that question was because at that moment, he saw something terrifying out of the corner of his eye.
Originally, what Tang Qi shouldn’t see was just to peek at the flaws in Rose’s ascension path, and Tang Qi quietly turned on the knowledge of everything.
Inadvertently, Tang Qiyuguang swept over the new visitors who came to this [Library 33rd Section] with the three of them.
There are a total of seven figures, human-like appearances, but they are races with very different details from human beings.
They are about half a meter tall and more goblins than goblins. Their heads, bodies, and limbs are made of emerald green leaves, pale moss, and muddy mud.
Tang Qi knew for the first time that their race name was “Granuma people”, but the information related to them was not important, because the bodies of these people had become containers.
They are a kind of walking empty shells, real horrible things, and they are hidden in their bodies.
Tang Qi saw, or rather, saw the outline of one of them.
Yes, there are no details, only outlines.
It is a “worm”, at least in its external form.
It is transparent and colored.
It doesn’t seem to exist, but it does exist.
When it exists, it is about the size of a thumb, at least this time in Tang Qi’s eyes.
It is like a glass larva th

this moment.

He will hide in the dark and let his “curse” be fulfilled one by one, until the Pope and Philip IV have been “condemned” and you die because of an accident. He miraculously’resurrected’ like Jesus, came to the bright place again, and logically restored the status of the chief, retrieved everything’belonging’ to him, revitalized the Knights Templar, and allowed this organization to reach in history Unprecedented and fabulous peak. “It’s
impossible that you don’t want to lie to me again!” “The earl shouted, “I won’t believe you anymore!” wizard! Every word that comes out of your tongue is a note from hell! ”
Tianyiyi: “Let’s make it clear. My goal has been achieved. The treasures are now sleeping at the core of the ruins. Unless I help you, even you, as the person involved, can’t go back and take out those treasures now. .
Mr. Earl, you have to recognize the situation. When we return to the world above, who is your enemy, who is threatening your life, and who is your ally, trying to keep you alive. Don’t make foolish and wrong decisions because of personal emotional likes and dislikes and a dozen people who have died. “The
earl said: “You don’t need an ally like you, if I have a chance, I will kill you!” ”
Tian Yi spread his hands, not at all angry: “Of course, this is your freedom, but my advice is” he said, suddenly took out a small diamond-shaped crystal from his pocket and threw it to the count: “Let’s go up. In the future, you take the time to use this thing to keep those marks of your Templars in the Colosseum, and by the way, trace the symbol I drew at the entrance. Next, I will be responsible for letting some reliable people release news on Daoer, saying that your secrets have been buried forever with you.
After that, we will go our separate ways. You are no longer an ordinary person. In your own words, you are also half a wizard. Moreover, all the people in contact with you are dead. As long as you don’t take the initiative to reveal your identity, no one can track your whereab

when he taught everyone that the eyes should not be simply regarded as the field of vision, but should be regarded as the formation method.

If the enemy starts a group in his own formation, then the probability of his own victory will be greatly increased!
And the view of the east and the west, especially the scattered placement and the untechnical placement, is equivalent to sending 20 yuan and 30 yuan to the enemy. After all, in this kind of game, everyone will bring scanning and real eyes. When your scout guard is placed in a place where the enemy is easy to scan and detect, it has no effect other than seeing the opponent there temporarily.
The eye is to set the array, and a support that can set the array is the top-level support!
In short, from the placement of the eyes, Yu Luosheng already knew where the level of the crotch of this little crotch was.
“Help me tell him that these eyes are meaningless.” Yu Luosheng said to Sap.
Sap glanced at the eye positions of Xiaolong’s position. Indeed, as Yu Luosheng said, the crotch eyes of the small pants were not very good.
A pinch can determine the strength of a person. The second time Sap has changed Yu Luosheng’s view is the two previous 4 Ghost Eyes and 3 Wolf Eyes, directly blocking the murderous intentions of heroes like Nightmare.
Sure enough, after a while, the nightmare appeared near Xiaolong.
He already had a scanner on his body, and as soon as he stepped into the river, he used the scanner to pull out the upper eye.
Afterwards, this guy cooperated with the bottom road duo to arrange the true eyes at the bottom of the formation. The
head and the tail are gone, leaving only one eye on his body that is useless. It is impossible to determine whether the enemy has any. support.
“This dragon can’t be taken, let’s withdraw it.” Yu Luosheng sighed.
With a good formation, Yu Luosheng dared to take the dragon. After all, the opponent was missing one person. It would take a while for their mid laner to come back to support.
But the field o

d changed from Jiao Didi’s panic. Become a murderous, glamorous, demon.

The scarlet little tongue licked his mouth lightly, a pair of eyes projected a breathtaking light, but the whole body smelled of a human-eating fairy.
This place is still the ragged, panicked Xiao Hanbing just now, she is simply the fairy queen who specially seduce men to wild monsters and dig her heart to eat!
Brown realized that he couldn’t beat the ice at all, and stumbled away.
“Swish, swish, swish~~~~~~~~~” The
slowing ice arrow hit from behind, causing Brown’s dragon girl to move more slowly.
Obviously it is too late to get out.
The blood volume is still falling, and only 10% is left.
Damn, help, who will save me, where are my teammates? ? ?
Brown’s inner monologue at this time is like this, but he himself seems to have forgotten that he himself had caught up with the beauty when he saw the beauty running to the wilderness. He thought that he would be able to upset the cloud and rain, but he was counterattacked and his life was lost.
“Goodbye.” Qianmeng spit out coldly.
The last arrow will send you directly to the west, go back to the spring and reflect on it!
The arrow flew past and directly penetrated the brown dragon girl’s armor.
Brown’s dragon girl was full of arrows like a hedgehog at this time, and after falling heavily on the river, the direction she was facing was exactly where the poodle was.
The two people were equally dead in horror, and equally dead in disbelief, staring at each other.
“I said she is well equipped!” Yue Hanlin said hesitantly.
Brown looked desperate and clicked on the equipment slot.
Endless Blade, Lightning Blade, and the last whisper! ! !
Three gods outfit, this equipment applauded? ?
Nima’s equipment is so good! ! !
why? ? Why does this ice have such equipment.
Impossible, impossible, it’s only about 26 minutes, that is to say, this guy has the three gods in 24 minutes, and she doesn’t have many heads. Why would there be such equipment? The Chinese national te

ers and furnace bullets that Tang Qi used to make with the stupid “immersion method” before, but after all, they are all extraordinary bullets, whether for personal use or experimentation. After success, sell it to the market.

Or, trading with the Castle Bureau is an excellent choice.
And what Tang Qi paid was just a useless mutant troll corpse.
From this point of view, the four-member group made no mistakes in evaluating Tang Qi as a “treacherous man”.
A long journey has yielded a lot, and Tang Qi planned to organize it after returning to the small masonry building.
It’s just that as soon as he entered the Meser City area, he frowned.
“Something’s wrong!”
Tang Qi’s body suddenly appeared on the back of the night beast, one person and one beast felt it, and there was a bloody smell in the air not far away.
Although, it is already very weak.
But after being able to pass the wind, Tang Qi and Ye Beast still smelled it, and you can imagine what the original concentration would be.
Tang Qi immediately looked below the area with the strongest bloody smell, and a large familiar scene appeared.
“Blank area!”
Subconsciously, Tang Qi took out the one-way iron sheet and input a trace of the power of the furnace. Tang Qi immediately sensed a fresh breath of life on the opposite side.
It was Sally, and nothing happened.
“It seems that the strength of the lucky body exceeds my expectations.”
After a mutter, Tang Qi turned the night beast into a shadow, and landed in Meser City with him in the last darkness before the dawn. For the time being, he did not recover himself, but appeared in the Bronk area as a “second body.”
The night beast is very big, but it can ignore these, just turning into a small shadow, attached to Tang Qi’s arm, like a tattoo.
He is like a burly “gangster”, perfectly integrated into the Bronx.
It’s just that the area that appeared in front of his eyes at this time made Tang Qi, who should have been familiar, also reveal a strange color.
The smell of blood!

in a group, he can only silently drop the road by himself. After all, there is no two-piece set of electric blade and endless equipment. ADC is basically in the group. Can’t play a big enough role in the war.

For the British ADC, who cannot take care of his life, the two-piece set of electric blade and endless is nowhere in sight.
“The ruling ability of Yu Luosheng’s bottom lane is indeed too defying. Hephaestus has nothing to do with him. It is not a level of strength at all.” On the VIP seat of the British stage, one was dyed with short blue hair. The man said with a smile.
“Hephaestus is okay, their ADC is really bad.” Han Zongzhi said disdainfully.
Not long ago, South Korea and the United Kingdom finished the game. Their team did not leave the United Kingdom because it will be South Korea facing China in London next week.
Han Zongzhi has been waiting for this game for a long time, and he has to take revenge for winning the championship if he says anything! !
In the S League, Han Zongzhi lost all his face and was almost ineligible to participate in the Olympics due to e-sports ethics. Fortunately, Cui Woo’s approach to the sky allowed him to sit firmly on the top ADC position of the South Korean national team.
During this period of time, he has been playing games with other countries, and Han Zongzhi felt boring, because no other country would be their opponent to the Korean Hell Army.
The more boring, Han Zongzhi looks forward to the day he fights with China. He has to recover everything he has lost from that guy Yu Luosheng, and let everyone know that it is just luck that he can win the world championship. That’s it! !
“An Luoxuan, I think you and I want to fix that guy fiercely, next week he will have to kneel in front of us begging for mercy!” Han Zhuangzhi said viciously.
“I can’t talk about repairing, but I really want to fight him again.” An Luoxuan said calmly.
“What do you do if you say so nicely, in short, the two of us must easily blow them up. Didn’t you see their inability t