eral armored vehicles. They would not part ways with the main force until they entered the northern forest.

At this time, the students in the field hospital were still waiting for Ren Xiaosu to go back and ask for an autograph or something, but they did not expect that Ren Xiaosu would never return to the field hospital after he left.
Barrier No. 176 is the Daniu Mountain line in the south.
“Safety.” The
unique electric current in the communication channel conveys the message. A five-person elite Wang special force is infiltrating the north of Daniu Mountain. The responsibility it shoulders is to detect the movements of the northern barbarians. .
After the 176th barrier was broken, Wang’s main force retreated to the area of ??Daniu Mountain, and then waited for 西安夜桑拿论坛 those forces occupying Kong to come and converge.
In fact, in the past half a month, the Wang clan has experienced more battles than the fire, after all, they bear the brunt of the barbarian’s path to the south.
The fighting situation was very tragic, and this situation did not finally get better until the rest of Wang’s main force arrived at the Daniu Mountain defense line.
The good news is that the barbarians seem to have suffered heavy losses. These northern tribes no longer attacked, but turned to guerrillas in the mountains.
At this time, the five-person team quickly penetrated towards the north of the mountain range. The destination of their trip was Wangganling, north of Daniu Mountain, which is one of the known advance bases of barbarians.
Wang once captured several barbarians alive for interrogation, and the other party finally 西安夜网论坛 confessed that a general of the expeditionary army was stationed there.
“There is still 21 kilometers away from the target location, and it is expected to arrive in two hours,” the captain of the special forces 西安桑拿夜网 said on the communications channel.
Two hours later, the five-person team crossed the mountain very smoothly, which made them a little puzzled, because they didn’t

few invincibles of the same level, and then talk about replacing them!”

Su Yu yelled, shaking deaf.
The audience gradually became noisy.
On the stage, Liu He lowered his head and said nothing.
Su Yu sneered and said, “After all this talk, no one dares to take the stage? Don’t say anything until the end, want to deal with me Su Yu, just go straight! Fight a life-and-death battle, and I will do it for you too! ”
Looking at the war zone, Chen Yong changed color.
He got up, looked at Su Yu, frowned and said: “Su Yu!”
Su Yu looked down and smiled: “Uncle, it’s okay! These people are 西安洗浴网 not in my eyes! As long as they dare, they only dare It’s their ability to fight in the same rank and kill me with integrity! They can’t kill me, but I kill them. That’s a waste of them! I don’t have the ability to
find faults , this kind of person is dead!” Sun Ge’s old man also stood up. Get up, look at Su Yu, with a cold look in his eyes: “Su Yu, do you want to fight a life-and-death battle?” Su Yu
calmly said: “What’s the point?”
Old Sun Ge looked at the monotheistic students, many of them bowed their heads. , Dare not look at him.
Old Sun Ge’s face turned gloomy!
Su Yu smiled and said: “As long as you dare, then come! I originally left the customs to fight a few life and death battles, let you know, if you don’t have the ability, be honest, why bother to jump all the time!”
“Just right, Take advantage of this opportunity, come together!”
Su Yu shouted: “I’ll give you a chance! One-on-one, you probably dare not! Now 5 on 5, as long as 4 of them do not turn back, I assume that they will not participate in the war, I am a pair V. bet a life and death, dare to do? ”
Su 西安夜生活论坛 Yu sound become more expensive,” even if defection, my one pair of 9, still dare to fight! As long as they dare to sell, I would then kill! you dare? ”
Quartet are lonely .
After a while, someone in the audience snorted, “Rampant!”
Su Yu looked at the person and sneered: “You come on stage! Sign the life an

tually a combination of some great roads. At this moment, Su Yu said again: “The universe is the heaven and the earth, the heaven and the earth have life and death, there are yin and yang, there are five elements, there is air, there is earth, and the air floats as the sky. Shen Weidi, these are the ways that need to be integrated in the next step!”

“The foundation of building Yu must be counted, and the deduction is good. How to integrate for 15 days is enough!”
Su Yu smiled and said: “I only look at the present, no Looking at the future, the future is unquestionable. 西安桑拿按摩网 I really want to fail in the future. If I can’t close my avenue, then let me be the loser of Kaitian!”
“In the future, leave me an article on “Yuhuang clears the way and the middle road collapses.”殂’seems to be a good legend too!”
Everyone is very heavy.
Wan Tian Sheng took a deep breath: “Listen to Su Yu, take Yu as the foundation! Next, let’s try more, and simply try some things. In this half month, the blue sky, you and I will try all kinds of avenues. Power! There are also several seniors who are research geniuses. Please do a lot of calculations on this matter. The deduction is very troublesome. We are not good at it.”
Several people nodded.
An elderly necromantic man, at this moment, also spoke for the first time, with a low voice: “It’s better to use some virtual ways and try it! But Su Yu’s way needs to be used to 西安桑拿夜网 clear the way and cannot be easily tried.”
He thought for a while and said: “Is there any other way to get some virtual Dao, to do some simple attempts to merge, so that it is safer!”
Virtual Dao, pseudo Dao Qirong!
Su Yu’s eyes moved slightly, Qi Rong is also an expert in the study of the Dao, Hongmeng has already said that Qi Rong and Fat Ball are going to take some false Dao.
Do you want to bring Qi Rong in too?
Research together!
At this moment, one more person, one more strength.
Thinking of this, Su Yu nodded: “I will go to find someone right away, do you need anything else?”

“The restructuring of the Daxia Mansion is simple!” The

fat old man looked disdainful, “It’s so easy, why wait until now? The tradition of Daxia Mansion for so many years, what can be obtained on the battlefield, will not be obtained through the second method!”
“It’s a bit 西安夜网论坛 silly, in fact, I think Xiaoxia is a bit idiot, IQ is a bit low, but he has a big fist. !” The
fat old man said with emotion: “He has a big fist, and it hurts you to hit him. He looks like a bird like his grandfather ! The old man is also like a bird, he doesn’t have enough IQ, and he has all muscles. You have a ball for reason!” The
fat old man shook his head and shook his head. , The old man’s face changed a bit, and he didn’t answer any questions.
To say that King Daxia is like a bird is just your unfilial son. Others don’t dare to talk nonsense.
“So if Ten Thousand Heavens Saints can’t change even them, what else is the Daxia Mansion? The Daxia Mansion is not just these few people, hundreds of millions of people, and they have all been destroyed by these birdmen. They are in trouble, cut and cut. “Do it, do it, kill, kill, 西安耍耍网 kill.” The
fat old man said contemptuously: “I know they only have muscles and no brains, but I can’t help but watch and get beaten when I am not convinced. When I was a child, I was beaten, so what else can I do? The unfilial son of Xia Longwu, even his uncle dared to fight, 西安足浴spa what can I do?”
” Sage Wantian wants to reform, then find a way to solve it by himself, Lao Zhao is also brainless, with muscles, I am too lazy to reason with him. Let
Wantiansheng solve the trouble by himself!” The fat old man said, got up, shaking as he walked, “Also, starting from today, the next military order, Daxia Mansion will go out, the military expenditure will be 37%, and the Daxia Mansion will be 70%. They solve 30% by themselves, use the spoils to deduct them, and cannot sell the spoils privately! The Xia’s firm will buy them together and deal with them at a discount.”
“Master Hou!”
The old man whispe

time, and ten experiencers were wiped out. This scene can be described as spectacular. describe.

“Fuck! Fortunately, I just went in without an impulse. This was the most correct decision in my first half of my life!”
“This new scene is too ruthless! I heard from Boss Chen that this is just an excessive scene of a four-star scene. It’s difficult. Only between three stars and four stars!”
“If the devil also has his own name, he must be named Chen!”
“Boss Chen! Hello! Under your leadership, the New Century Haunted House has reached a glorious stage. Has reached a new height, 西安桑拿夜网 is it convenient to reveal how you did this?”
Pushing the corpse truck, Chen Ge was surrounded by a group of tourists. He himself did not expect that the annihilation of ten tourists would cause such a situation. Big sensation.
“First of all, I am very pleased that the haunted house can be recognized by everyone. This haunted house is left to me by my parents. It is my sustenance, and that’s all I can say.” Chen Ge looked for the figure of Uncle Xu in the crowd. He originally planned to rely on this visit to start a three-star semi-scenario, and at the same time create momentum for the upcoming four-star scene.
But what he didn’t expect was that the effect was far beyond his expectations. The tourists were so excited that even he was trapped.
“Boss Chen! We know that building a haunted house is not an easy task. Finding inspiration, 西安夜网论坛 polishing scripts, and designing props. You must have encountered a lot of difficulties during this period? What belief supports you to face all this fearlessly?”
Looking at the expectant eyes of the tourists, Chen Ge was not easy to 西安夜桑拿网 refuse: “I have poured too much emotion into this haunted house. From the creation of the scene to the experience of the tourists, the expectation and joy is beyond the experience of others, so you said Those difficulties are nothing compared to these. I have a responsibility from my bones, telling myself to make a haunted house no matter what, no matter wh

g Wei Yu added directly to the top “!

Yu Huang Wei, Su Yu?
Gui’s heart moved slightly, his eyes flickered, and he smiled: “Ye Huangwei recruited?”
Gui’s eyes flickered again: “It’s dangerous now. I heard that Yu Huang-sama recently encountered a powerful enemy.”
“That’s right!” What!” The
old man didn’t care, laughed and said, “Yu Huang can conquer everything!”
Gui was speechless. These people were all brainwashed by Su Yu!
They are the second-class pinnacle, Su Yu is fourth-class, and still defeats everything. Without me, he would have been beaten to death long ago!
However, it 西安夜桑拿论坛 is rare to meet such a enthusiastic person at this moment, and Gui is also excited. You can chat with this person. As for Su Yu, even if he tells himself something, it may not be true.
Soon, the two talked happily!
Su Yu didn’t bother to care about what Gui was doing and thinking.
Nonsense, 西安足浴spa it’s such a big place, and all Gui meets the blue sky, what can the blue sky say to Gui?
Su Yu didn’t care about this.
At this moment, he found that today is simply his lucky day!
A lot of power of rules!
Moreover, it feels a little different from Ten Thousand Realms.
Not only so vaguely, Su Yu even discovered that there seemed to be a complete first-class avenue. Su Yu’s eyes changed instantly, and King Wen killed him over there. This is not unusual. The key is that King Wen was completely stripped away. The power of the other side’s avenue!
Su Yu’s face changed suddenly!
This requires extremely strong strength, and for myself, it is simply great!
He is familiar with this great power!
“The Way of Longevity!”
Su Yu felt comprehend and murmured, he didn’t feel wrong, or that the Way of Life is fine too!
Su Yu inhales! 西安耍耍网
Who will King Wen fight with?
Killing a strong man who is in charge of the Dao of Life, and completely stripping away the Dao of the other side, is this going to leave it to himself and improve his power of the Dao of Life?
There is also the Great Way of Life in the Worl

a complete set of exercises in one go, or reopening 36 or suppressing the repulsive force of the acupoints, fuck, do you really think you are a god?

It’s normal if it blows up!
When he reached 34, Zhao Li almost pulled off his beard. If he didn’t blow it up, he would be crazy.
Fortunately, it finally exploded!
Su Yu frowned, stepped forward to check, and sighed, Zhou Hao’s fate 西安耍耍论坛 is really great!
Yes, Zhou Hao’s fate is really big.
I’m not ready to try it anyway!
Originally planned to give Zhou Hao a try directly, because Su Yu was very satisfied with his derivation. If it hadn’t been for Zhao Li to help him deduce the magic method last time, he hadn’t thought of asking someone to help.
It can only be said that Zhou Hao was lucky, but he discovered the problem. Zhou Hao should thank Su Yu for his responsibility and Zhao Li for his model.
Su Yu likes himself in his heart!
I’m really responsible, and I’m still thinking about the test product.
“Teacher, I have run to this point. I am a little bit repulsive. Look at what caused this.”
Zhao Li is not in a hurry. He can run up to 34, which already means that this exercise is basically formed.
The follow-up question is not too big.
After checking it, Zhao Li 西安夜桑拿论坛 adjusted the association methods of several acupuncture points, and quickly installed one of the previously exploded acupuncture points, and said: “Try again, in addition, if you need this thing, take one back. Next time, don’t try new exercises indiscriminately. It’s easy to get into trouble.”
“Thank you, teacher.”
Su Yu didn’t ask about the price. It was definitely not cheap.
Zhao Li has no money, because he really has no merits.
But the old man has a lot of good things and a lot of materials. If his warehouse is willing to sell, he doesn’t know how much he can sell.
While trying a new method of exercise, Su Yu asked: “Teacher, if this is successful, you can try it
. How many have you opened these 36 acupuncture points?” “24.”
Zhao Li looked at it. At a glance,

ready changed the blood on his body. Although he was also cursed at this time, he could barely hold on. “This is the family? I want to escape from the home I built by myself?” Seven faces appeared on the dean’s blood coat, which seemed to be his seven children. These seven faces kept screaming, and they cursed the dean all the time. No one knows why the dean became what he is now. Even Xiao Sun just heard some rumors. For some reason, the dean personally killed all his family members. Those half-human and half-ghost non-smiling in the hospital are mostly made by the dean using family blood. His real family was in his body and became the source of the curse. “The forgotten memories are deposited in the depths of the nightmare, forming an endless black mist. People always think that the pain can be forgotten, but the pain is always hidden in their hearts.” The dean in bloody clothes gently stroked the faces of his family members. Listening to their most vicious curse, his eyes slowly fixed on Chen Ge: “I have the same origin as Hei Mist, just the opposite of you. I hate everything good, and today I will reawaken those forgotten pains.”

Chapter 1200 I will let all eyes that are used to darkness see light
As the crowd rebelled, the blood-clothed Dean’s breath continued to increase. The faces of his family members began to twist and deform, and countless black thin lines were spit out from his family’s mouths, and all the stumps and corpses that touched the thin lines all stood up. “All the people who died in heaven are my family. Their 西安足浴spa souls cannot leave. This is 西安夜桑拿网 their only home.” The screams of 西安夜生活论坛 countless dead souls were mixed with the piercing laughter of the Dean in Blood, and the faces of the people changed from A sea of ??blood appeared in the corpse mountain, their eyes were weeping, but their faces all carried weird smiles! The bottom of this hospital is like a large tomb, where countless people have been buried. The power of the curse began to skyrocket, and thick black fog seeped from the b

on, and fourth-generation people. Someone said in a voice transmission: “I think all the big houses are very melancholy. It’s just a roster, and it’s registered. What’s wrong?”

A group of people saw I sighed to that young man, Zhu Qingyan, the young man of the Zhu family, a woman.
Forget it, what does this woman know.
Xia Huyou said in a voice transmission: “Every big mansion, who has no hidden power? My big summer mansion, did you know that there are so many sun and moon before? Most of them died in the last battle. There were more than 20 people in the sun and moon, 西安桑拿按摩网 including Liu. Wen Yan and the others are over 30, but how many people are there in each family? If you don’t say anything else, just say that your Daming Mansion 西安足浴spahas less than 30 people. I don’t believe in Xia!”
Zhu Qingyan was surprised, and the sound transmission said: “No, there are only 18 people registered in Sun and Moon!”
Xia Huyou shrugged, nonsense, your Daming Mansion doesn’t have more than 30 Sun and Moon, I will crawl!
Xia Huyou also sighed, just this trick is enough, there is no need to do too complicated, just this trick is enough for the big houses to drink a pot.
Should you explain or not?
After confessing, Su Yu has a clear understanding of the human situation, and without confession, the next time there will be a sun and moon, Su Yu will be cut in public!
what did you say?
What can you say?
Those who are not registered are supernumerary, non-human, even if they are human, they are spies, cultivated by all races!
He also has to inspect the human environment!
西安夜生活论坛 And over there, Su Yu smiled and said: “You don’t have to be so worried, just register. If it is Sunyue Jiuzhong, I may be in a good mood, and I will reward some bearers to help him prove! Strength, don’t conceal it! ! The sun and the moon are nine times heavy, and I have to say that the sun and the moon are heavy. This kind of person loses the opportunity, don’t blame me Su Yu for not being human!”
A group of people move again, does Su

the family is not well-known for being civilized.

Hu Qiusheng smiled and
Su Yu discovered one thing, the descendants of a civilized family, they all love to laugh!
But Zhao 西安洗浴网 Shiqi, who was born in the warrior road, actually didn’t like to laugh very much, and they rarely saw them smiling and welcoming people.
The two entered the secret realm.
The second game begins!
The two colors are still tumbling, evenly matched.
Both Hu Qiusheng 西安夜桑拿网 and Zhao Shiqi had serious faces and sweat dripped.
This time, the two played against each other for a long time.
Seeing that it was almost ten minutes, Zhao Shiqi staggered, almost fell, and his willpower retreated. He opened his eyes to look at Hu Qiusheng, his face turned pale for a long while, and he gasped, “It seems that all of us from a family of warriors are born. Almost, we will catch up! Hu Qiusheng, next month, will we hit the top 100 list?”
Next to him, Zheng Yunhui, who is still adjusting his interest rate, said a little irritably: “Let’s go! I think we’re going to 西安夜桑拿论坛 count down this year. The top ten is no problem! Just take the
bottom ten, so as not to let some mediocrity occupy the position and be embarrassed!” In the field, some teachers were speechless.
This is an offense!
In the bottom ten, some people are still their disciples.
For example, Wu Qi, her students are in the bottom ten ranks.
Hu Qiusheng all smiled and did not answer, not in a hurry.
Zheng Yunhui turned his head to look at Su Yu, and said with a grin: “Su Yu, you are already a six-tier, plus ten thousand stone essence and blood, second-order divine writing, should you rush with me?” As
soon as this word came out, the crowd In, there was a cry of exclamation!
Crucially six-fold?
Over there, Wu Lan’s face is dull, isn’t she a superb triple?
Why did it suddenly become sixfold?
Su Yu glanced at him and said faintly: “Yun Hui, didn’t you wake up and talk in sleep?”
Zheng Yunhui said with a look of disdain: “What are you afraid of ? I ‘m afraid that your