eel it.

Those gods who fell asleep and dormant because of the “catastrophe”, one after another, will wake up.
By then, Tang Qi will definitely face the embarrassment of more than one god.
As for those enemy gods that will appear?
He tried his best to think about it, and it is difficult to predict the specifics.
After all, since his rebirth, he has participated in almost every major event involving gods, starting from the initial “Black Snake Witch Family”, and then the “Hastu Club”, “Lecter Incident”, and “Ancient Maya”. Event” and the “thorny event” that just ended.
Although he lied to the “covenant”, he and Raphael’s name were not on it.
It is almost impossible to know that once the Lord of Light fully awakens and restores his normal wisdom, he will definitely pursue Tang Qi and Raphael. Most of the hatred must be Raphael’s, but even a small part is enough. Tang Qi dealt with it.
In addition, there are some things that may appear, such as “The Crow God”, “Abyss Soap Bubbles”, “Nenelani” that he has met briefly, or something he hasn’t noticed himself.
Retire as the principal!
This thought, he had made a decision after he knew that the return of the spiritual tide was becoming more intense, and the “all spirits” above the mystery would wake up one by one.
For Tang Qi, becoming the principal of Melada Special Education School is a very wonderful experience.
If the time in Messer City is his “adaptation period” in this incredibly magical and weird world, then his “integration period” during his tenure as the principal.
Sally’s return with the Witch Group is an excellent time.
A good end to his career as a principal.
Although he still feels many regrets, the transformed “witch school” is perfect enough for him.
Just as Tang Qi sighed, Raphael seemed to feel something beside him, and suddenly he said:
“It seems that it is time for us to say goodbye.”
Hearing this, Tang Qi also turned his head, feeling the same.
But neither of them acted immediately, but tacitly looked to their si

nce of the other party means that they must hug and hide somewhere. Since they hug, Lm also hugs, and if they want to fight the first-level group, they will fight! !

Chapter 440 The Cruel First-Level Regiment (Part 1)
The five people who were originally scattered began to gather in the middle.
“The Lm team is really very cautious. All the players will not rashly cross the river channel when they are assembled. If the top laner walked through the river channel just now, 100% of them would be caught by the underground team. Professional players should have this kind of quality, that is, always keep a heart that cannot be relaxed for a moment. As for the children who are still exploring the grass with their faces, alas” The commentator and the audience are all from the perspective of God, and they can see the distribution on both sides. .
When they assembled just now, the irons in the Demacia Club were all sweating for Ronaldo. They were indeed worried that Ronaldo would enter that trap.
It’s been 1 minute and 10 seconds, and the people from the underground battle team have not yet appeared. Yu Luosheng stared at the map and guessed their most likely position.
“Boss, we don’t know where they are, but they may have already seen us. Should we still use our switching strategy?” Lin Dong asked.
Phoenix Aid, from a professional point of view, is just two words-very looking for death!
Two heroes like Zyra and Annie are authentically transitioning from AP to support, because they have powerful control and good early bursts.
Phoenix’s control ability and limitation ability can indeed be assisted, Q skill deceleration and stun effect, ice wall is one of the few skills in LOL that change the terrain, and the group pit-type deceleration of big moves,
but it can’t be assisted. The biggest reason is the blue volume problem.
Throwing a set of skills in the early stage, the Phoenix’s blue volume has been reduced by half, not to mention that the level 6 explosion is far inferior to the two heroes of Zyra and An

play, even if Yu Luosheng’s bot lane can play a little advantage, it will not change the powerful team cooperation ability of the next Apocalypse team and the unparalleled ability to fight!

The Apocalypse team likes to follow the rules, they like to delay the rhythm, because they choose people like to choose developmental heroes, they want to give Baifeng more development time, everyone knows that ADC formation is relatively slow.
That being the case, playing against them with conventional means is equivalent to entering their slow pace, and the probability of losing is very high.
They must disrupt their rhythm, they must push the tower brainlessly, and the rhythm must be madly accelerated. The white wind must be suppressed, and he must not be given any opportunity to form equipment!
The white wind is very strong, and Yu Luocheng is very clear about this.
If you give him one minute to replenish troops, he will be able to increase the victory of the team.
Bai Feng’s first two defeats, on the one hand, LM’s style of play disrupted his development rhythm, on the other hand, he ignored Yu Luosheng’s strength.
But when he played hard, Yu Luosheng didn’t think he could take advantage of him. An ADC with a combined score of close to 24 points, how could he not stand out.
Yu Luosheng will never underestimate any opponent!
He knows very well that the Apocalypse team will be very cautious in the third game, and it is difficult to take advantage of some tactics.
Without the previous headcount advantage, Yu Luosheng would not be arrogant enough to crush the white wind.
At this point, he can at best not be given an overwhelming advantage by Baifeng.
But this is unable to change the superiority of the opponent’s jungler and their tacit understanding in the mid and late team battles.
“Use chaos suppression tactics.” Yu Luosheng said.
“It’s not good to take out this tactic so early? We reserved it to deal with the long sky team.” Daluo said in a daze.
“Only when we use it, we will know what loophole

er of extraordinary organizations is terrifying.

Behind most organizations, there is a god.
Even some permanently neutral gods, such as Rose Madeleine’s teacher, the “old observer”, also have contact with the Origin Star through Rose Madeleine, a human disciple.
With their experience, Tang Qi naturally knew many techniques.
Just thinking about it carefully, all kinds of complicated techniques have one purpose in the final analysis: to avoid rejection.
Tang Qi himself had already thought about it.
He did not hesitate, and once again looked at Origin Star through the boundless mystery.
The difference is that this time Tang Qi casts “Everything Knows”.
The never-before-seen faint light burst in the eyes of Tang Qi, who was incarnation of “Lord of Dreams”.
At this moment, he saw the most dazzling and borderless sea of ??stars in the world.
All Tang Qi’s horizons were filled with “starlight”.
It is densely packed with more than one layer. The deeper you go, the starlight becomes more intense, like galaxies superimposed on top of each other, merging and scouring each other, bursting out one after another vast and brilliant waves, which contains The wonders and mysteries of the universe are incomprehensible.
In such a “sea of ??stars”, even the gods seem insignificant and confused.
From the bottom of Tang Qi’s heart, he suddenly remembered an idiom that the earth had heard in previous lives: Finding a needle in a haystack.
“Unless, let the needle shine by itself, a unique light.” When he
thought, Tang Qi immediately established a connection with his clone and the breath of “Life Curse”.
The next second, he saw it.
In the depths of the fuzzy and gorgeous star sea, some faint, but the “light” that he could sense and watch began to flicker. It was his clone and the flame bird.
The light they emit seems to be deep in the misty sea, and the faint but existential light of a beacon guides the direction.
Tang Qi’s divine tentacles began to move.
A hazy, illusory giant, in a distant

is that He has the power to resist.

In the
wailing of “Ah” , Brannigan’s body exploded, a thin, thick black divine substance with a predatory breath that seemed to be capable of any simulation change, bursting out of nothingness, and instantly flooding the entire narrative domain.
These substances have undergone hundreds of millions of changes, and they have turned into mice, moths, worms, snakes, or many weird species, and some simply vanished and disappeared in place.
He wants to flee, the last struggle.
But the next second, this picture will freeze.
“The compulsory narrative domain is destroyed, and the authority is determined to force the narrative to continue!

Once again, Brannigan’s projection had to show up.
His deception, stealing, and hidden divinity are not weak.
But in the face of compulsory narratives and fantasies, he actually has no room to struggle, and he also knows this, so what he really wants is to blew himself up.
However, the soul curse took away this right from him.
Whenever he has this idea, it will be eliminated because of some imposed setting, which makes him more painful.
The black divine substance he transformed is somewhat similar to the original “black mud of origin” in terms of performance, but the gap between the two is huge.
Especially Brannigan is not the body here, it is only a quarter, just the projection of the clone.
He possessed a large number of methods, other skins and vests could not be used.
So at this moment, He can only feel pain.
Even his body will be punished.
Tang Qi didn’t immediately interrogate or dig up secret knowledge. He just regarded the “Soul Splitting Curse” as a punishment to punish Brannigan for trying to deceive and steal him.
The soul curse prevented Brannigan from leaving, no matter what form he changed into, he was limited to the narrative domain.
Even when Tang Qi’s wicked taste appeared, and a layer of Transforming Curse was superimposed, he had to accept the tragic ending of being rubbed and flattened by Tan

this guy’s GANK failed, he knocked on the keyboard angrily and accidentally pressed the R key.

200,000 people were watching the domestic live broadcast online. Not long ago, the excitement of the monkey’s strong killing of the tower made everyone convinced that this monkey must be a master. Who knows that it didn’t take long before there was such a funny picture on the bottom road. This You don’t even know what the monkey is thinking.
Xie Lianda also shook his head helplessly at this time, no matter how such a low-level mistake was committed, he naturally had to rush back to the line to develop if he couldn’t keep up with the output.
Not knowing what happened, Xie Lianda, who was planning to leave, took a subconscious look at the monkey who was sweeping the big move.
Suddenly, Xie Lianda suddenly realized something, and those eyes were staring at the monkey that swept away!
The golden storm is still spinning and moving, and the speed of this movement is getting faster and faster.
The monkey’s ultimate move can last for 4 seconds. Xie Lianda really felt that this was an empty shot at first, but when he discovered that the monkey was constantly approaching the half-blooded Nami through the 4-second acceleration of the ultimate move, Xie Lianda’s face was a bit unbelievable! !
This is not empty at all! ! !
Xie Lianda slapped his thigh fiercely. He was really a mid-single player for a long time, and he forgot that in addition to the knock-up and damage caused by the monkey’s ultimate move, there is actually another attribute that is extremely easy to overlook, that is, acceleration! !
Yes, the monkey’s ultimate move will continue to increase within 4 seconds of release! !
The problem is that everyone subconsciously regards this skill as a group control tactic of knocking flying and damage, and a few people will have such a jump in thinking, treating this tactic as purely an acceleration skill! !
The speed increased, getting closer and closer to Nami. Nami was also mocking the monkey at the b

constantly guiding him to transfer can the tea fairy avoid catching up with him. If the two of them meet, things will be very bad. “One day.

Raising his hand to eat the opponent’s car, the consultant said: “Although Darkwater has already joined us, I always feel that dealing with the blood lords is still very dangerous.”
“This risk is worth taking. Even if the negotiations are unsuccessful, I will still Through this contact, I can master what the blood lords are capable of.” Tian Yiyi: “From his past performance, he has not used any means other than hand-to-hand combat to fight against people, but his level is at least’fierce’, such a guy. , Maybe it is one of the very few monsters that can use the’order destruction’ type ability freely.”
“Assuming that Dark Water cannot withstand the bloodlord, if that guy sees you and me, he will not say anything and kill people, so what should I do? “” the consultant asked.
“Yeah” Tianyi turned on his handsome on the chessboard, but that son was stuck in a blind spot by the consultant’s pawn: “Then I will kick you in front of him with one kick, and use him to cut off your face to make socks. During this period of time, quickly run away.”
Volume VI Chaos is approaching Chapter 13 Intersection The
sky is hazy and the air is humid. There are almost no pedestrians in the small streets in the afternoon.
A man with a healthy body appeared on the horizon. He is nearly two meters tall, strong, with well-proportioned muscles, and looks like a mixed martial arts athlete or a great swimmer.
He strode to the door of a bookstore and took off his sunglasses like an action movie star, revealing a tough textbook-like face. After two seconds of consideration, he decided to remove the door with one hand to increase his impact when entering the house.
But as soon as he was about to act, someone opened the door from inside. The person who opened the door had a relationship with him. He was the owner of this bookstore, Tianyi.
“This bookstore can block out all the influence of

rld Games all night long.”

“Except for this. In addition, the network club has created a unique challenge mode. Any team can challenge the guardian team of the club. Defeating the guardian team can directly take away the accumulated cash in the glass window.”
“As of today, the cash has been accumulated. Thirty thousand yuan. If nothing else, the bonus will continue to accumulate until there is a LOL team that can be taken away, and then the next round of accumulation!”
“A novel network club management model, a trendy ring challenge system, this What kind of magic power does the Internet club have to stand out in the declining Internet cafe industry? More and more people are gathering here for expensive consumption. Let us enter this club together to have a look.”
Radio in black professional attire The host made an opening remark with fluent speech, and the barrel-level camera was being held on the key by a fat man, and the host was motionless and let the host finish all the words.
The background of the host is exactly the Demacia network club, the big characters and the absolute Demacia atmosphere give people a kind of unique intimacy of friends!
The media reports came very suddenly. Boss Lei had already asked the people in the club to rehearse many times, and he was determined not to show any discrepancies.
First, the host took a follow-up shot of the environment of the Demacia Clubhouse.
The host reporter praised this unique club without being stingy.
Internet cafes always give people a feeling of cigarette butts on the floor, messy keyboards, noisy shouts, and washing, cutting and blowing everywhere.
The decoration of the Demacia Network Club is based on the model of an emotional cafe and a cozy bar.
You can come here to surf the Internet, you can also come here to have a coffee and chat, you can also taste a little wine and talk about LOL. If your hands are itchy, you can go to the boot and play a few games, and you can sit on the sofa in the lobby to relax when you have a game. Comfortab

ntry is not as simple as everyone imagined.

“You are all players in the strongest kings group. Didn’t you notice that there are many strange players in the strongest kings group, and their strength is not inferior to the first-class professional players, but you don’t know who he is at all?” Li Tuchuan Opened his mouth and said.
“I also noticed what you said. Recently, I played in qualifying and felt that a lot of new faces appeared.” Bai Feng nodded.
“The level of our national service Ionia is very high in the world. Many Olympians from India, Thailand, and Japan are lurking in our servers, and the same is true for Hanbok. In fact, Miss Xia from the strongest king group is actually Someone has secretly investigated the IP, I read a few IDs, you will understand.” Li Tuchuan said.
“Ionia, the second place in the strongest kings group, Mitsuri, he is a foreign agent accessing, and the IP address should be from Japan.”
“Ionia, the sixth place in the strongest kings group, LuLu, The same is foreign agent access, and the IP address is Thailand.”
“Ionia, the tenth most powerful king, hypocritical, foreign agent access, the IP address is Russia.”
Everyone has listened to Li Tuchuan ‘s words. , His face was full of astonishment!
These three IDs are actually very familiar to everyone. The strongest king group is those people who will always encounter them. Their strength has already been buried in the world-class level. At first, everyone thought it was a domestic professional. Players, who knew they were foreign masters!
It is a shame that three of the top ten were actually taken up by foreigners!
“Government power is Niucha, and all the players’ IPs can be found.” Emperor Song said with emotion.
The words of Emperor Song suddenly made Yu Luocheng’s mind a flash of inspiration!
All the IPs of the players in the strongest kings group can be found
. What about the shallow dream who is in sixth place in Ionia?
So far, Yu Luosheng hasn’t figured out his identity. He said he was in Beijing before,

smile. Step by step, she walked forward, mottled and ancient, filled with a large number of portals symbolizing gods and spirits.

In his mouth, Su Wu began to recite the mantra.
Her voice is still Lena Swinton, but everyone can hear it.
The person who chanted the mantra was definitely not Lena Swinton.
It is an extremely ancient and complicated language, beyond the scope of anyone in the field of mysticism knowledge. Every note is full of distortion and pollution. At the moment Reina Swinton spoke, a dark storm was in front of the portal. break out.
It is like rust, condensed into a substance, inside is endless madness, a kind of indescribable death, the rot that breeds in the darkness, a fuzzy, crazy face emerges in the storm, facing Tang Qiwu People let out a sharp laugh.
The cold breath seems to be directly acting on the soul, and the five people are being frozen.
The rust became a little darker, and gradually covered their bodies.
Their thinking began to become slow and numb, as if they had come to a cliff, fell towards the endless dark abyss below, and soon lost all perception.
Before falling into absolute darkness, their eyes simultaneously reflected on the towering portal.
Following the terrifying spell, three stone slabs suddenly emerged from the door. They were like three stone “keys”, slowly leaving.
On the stone slab, a picture that made the five people feel familiar appeared. The skill and divine brilliance belonged to the portrayal of the “origin mural”, the god of wisdom Kells.
“Prophecy slate?”
Several people thought of the murals they had seen before.
Kells, who prevented the evil king from “destroying the world with a meteor,” left three prophetic tablets before his fall.
Today, it actually appeared in this way.
The first stone slab depicts the sinking of the Mayan holy city Teotim and the demise of the Azites, the successors of status. This does not seem shocking. As the god of wisdom, one can expect the duration of a civilization to be normal.
The secon